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Why we write and speak (if we do)

There is seldom a commercial reason for our writing or public speaking. We thrive on the applause and appreciation of the readers and the audience. We write and speak for the soul food it provides. The writing assignment or speaking … Continue reading

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The insidious disease called debt

I’m a creature of obsessive habit. Returning home from a typical week of travel, I first empty my suitcase. Clothes and running gear into laundry basket. Toiletries back in the bathroom cabinet. Shoes in their rack. Suitcase behind the door … Continue reading

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The film of the book

Back in 2013, when the first version of The Perfect Imperfectionist e-book was created, the good folks at ApexHub created a 1:36 video introduction. It fell out of an archive the other day and so I thought I would share … Continue reading

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A sense of the waiting being over

When will it happen? That removal of the tumour that connects me to my former life? The deepest cut. Most of the time I’m too busy, professionally and personally, to think about it. It’s only in the last couple of … Continue reading

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