My Personal Mission Statement









To be a catalyst, inspiring others to action as they identify their mission, roles and goals

To be ever mindful that between stimulus and response there is only freedom to choose

In my role as a family leader:

To act worthily as a partner, best friend and lover

To be a hero, teacher and role model to my children

To be the wind under their wings

To keep all of my promises

To provide unconditional love and adequate time for each of them

In my role as entrepreneur:

To remember that I can gain nothing in my professional life without giving something first

To have earned the respect of my strategic partners and my peers

To be a leader, guide and role model to my support team

In my role as a coach:

To have assisted clients in establishing their own consuming vision of the future

To translate that vision into goals and to have established a plan of action

To be a principal trusted advisor and friend

To become an internationally recognised speaker, writer and mentor who has designed a template that clients can use to create permanent transformation in their professional and personal lives

In my role as a friend:

To be pro-active in my concern

To be consistent and unconditional in my friendship

In my role as a community volunteer:

To devote a portion of my time and energy to help those in need

For myself:

To maintain fitness and health through nutrition, sleep, exercise and meditation

Through exercise to maintain strength, agility, flexibility and endurance

To focus on my unique abilities and fictively delegate (but not abdicate) all else

To design and create a perfect life and environment

To achieve and maintain financial independence, to eliminate stress and to share many years of peace, prosperity and balance with those I love.

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