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Oman 2018 – the emotion, the coaching and the tactics of the trip of a lifetime

The Emotion I want you to imagine falling asleep under the most amazing star field you have ever seen. After unbroken dreams of beaches, deserts and mountains, you wake as the dawn begins to break. Emerging from your sleeping bag … Continue reading

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Saturday morning riff

I knew I’d had a good night when I woke up at 05:00 this morning, flat on my back in bed, all the bedroom lights on and still wearing my glasses – at least I had undressed before I got … Continue reading

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In at the deep end

Preamble A week ago I announced the launch of 7explorers and waited, with my breath held and fingers crossed, to see if anyone was interested. The Oman 2017 expedition was sold out in just four days, in fact we had … Continue reading

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7explorers – an idea is born

Welcome to a new company with a mission. Please take a few moments to look at our simple web site. I want this post to be about YOU, not about 7explorers but first I must set the context by … Continue reading

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