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President Lannister and other despots

You would think we know better in 2017. On one side of the world we have Kim Jong-un standing before the massed ranks of his army and press-ganged “supporters”, squealing delightedly as his armaments are paraded past. Koreans, both North … Continue reading

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Ready, steady, go!

For many of us, first proper day back at work tomorrow – the party being over. It occurred to me as a jogged through a frosty Dunham Massey Country Park this morning, that we have a choice as to how … Continue reading

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Christmas week in The Bunker

I’m a neat freak. This is possibly the quietest week of the working year and an opportunity to spend some time thinking, planning and preparing for the first quarter of 2017. In the run up to Christmas I created a … Continue reading

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Working so hard that you forget how to rest

October has established itself as the busiest month in my working calendar (and, it seems, that of many of my friends and clients who run their own businesses). My new business, Coach Barrow, launched on 1st September, the new web … Continue reading

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You all know how much I love my taxi-driver stories because they demonstrate the triumph of the human spirit, of love and endeavour over hardship, one person at a time. I live in a community where nameless individuals think it’s … Continue reading

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Politics, Sport and Pride

Politics I’m apolitical 99.999% of the time and rarely tempted to comment unless there is a life-changing event such as Brexit or the possibility of a racist, mysogynist property developer with his finger on the trigger of the most powerful … Continue reading

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The Frequency of Disruption

  Change isn’t the challenge – the pace of change is the challenge. Disruption used to be recorded in geological eras, by reference to the advancement of metalwork techniques, through agriculture into industry (with the occasional eruption, earthquake, plague or … Continue reading

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Contains Adult Themes

I have developed a natural aversion to country house hotels over the years, based on bitter experience. Arriving at the beautiful Hartsfield Manor hotel and conference centre in Surrey lulled me into a false sense of security on Wednesday evening … Continue reading

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Business, Digital and Tears – a Friday riff

  Business is good. Well, only 162 more shopping days to Christmas and Friday morning sees me on a 05:30 train to Sunderland (to work with the team at Westmount Dental) after walking in the door at 22:00 last night. … Continue reading

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Resignation Special

The antimetabole: when the going gets tough, the tough get going (originally attributed to Joseph P Kennedy – JFK’s father) ….is intended to be interpreted as …. “When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will become engaged.” ….and not…. “Those … Continue reading

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