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Is Britain going back to work?

I find myself working for the third consecutive weekend this month and it’s not making me happy. The first two weekends I worked on Sunday, preferring to run Park Run and spend time with Annie on the Saturday. As I … Continue reading

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Why I’m pulling out of tomorrow’s Manchester Marathon

With less than 24 hours notice (and after many a conversation in the last week about “just doing it”) I’ve reluctantly decided to withdraw from tomorrow’s Manchester Marathon, pushing my next attempt back to Liverpool at the end of May. … Continue reading

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Ready, steady, go!

For many of us, first proper day back at work tomorrow – the party being over. It occurred to me as a jogged through a frosty Dunham Massey Country Park this morning, that we have a choice as to how … Continue reading

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Working so hard that you forget how to rest

October has established itself as the busiest month in my working calendar (and, it seems, that of many of my friends and clients who run their own businesses). My new business, Coach Barrow, launched on 1st September, the new web … Continue reading

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The extra miles

Followers of my social media channels will know that on Thursday I had the privilege of joining Patrick Allen from Henry Schein and small group of intrepid dental folks for marathon #388/401 with Ben Smith, who is completing 401 marathons … Continue reading

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The Frequency of Disruption

  Change isn’t the challenge – the pace of change is the challenge. Disruption used to be recorded in geological eras, by reference to the advancement of metalwork techniques, through agriculture into industry (with the occasional eruption, earthquake, plague or … Continue reading

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Month #2 of Paleo completed

On 1st February 2016 I weighed in at 12 st – always a tipping point for CB where the pain of my self-loathing becomes greater than the pain of doing something about it. On top of 6 months of various … Continue reading

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Paleo (again)

Two years ago this weekend I was sat under a jungle canopy on the tropical island of Contadora, Gulf of Panama, sweating in the heat and humidity as Ross and Stani, the two ex-SAS survival experts who accompany Bear Grylls … Continue reading

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I’m sick of being broken and at risk of sounding like a whingeing hypochondriac. left knee has been inoperative since August. I can’t run and I’m waiting for the results of an NHS MRI scan that took place 6 weeks … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of alcohol, food, late nights and partying after an exceptional 10 days. After tonight’s slow-roast lamb and a glass of red I really do need a rest. I did manage to … Continue reading

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