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Innovation in dental video

The use of video in dental marketing grows inexorably and, around the world, the innovators make their mark. I’ve showcased before the work of the Digital Smile Design tribe in this context, looking at the art created by Christian Coachman … Continue reading

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Making a difference for you?

  From October I will have room in my calendar for 3 new coaching clients. Why people hire me: To build a £10m micro-corporate on a hub and spoke model To increase sales and profit by 100% in 36 months … Continue reading

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Extra time

I’ve lost my shirt twice in business during a career that will span 46 years (blimey) on 1st September. Both times it was because I and others refused to face a reality that was staring us in the face – … Continue reading

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What is your brand in 2016?

The 7connections web site is down at the moment whilst we switch hosts, so you have the pleasure of my personal blog for the next few days, through which I intend to continue commenting on the business of dentistry until … Continue reading

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Who were the Brexit voters?

The result is the result and, depending on how you voted (or didn’t) the party poppers or spilt milk can now be cleared away – tomorrow is the first Monday back at work and, with or without a Prime Minister, … Continue reading

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The Troll

I know I shouldn’t (because it gives them oxygen) but I find myself pondering the motivation of internet trolls who wait for you to broadcast anything about which they can express their outrage. In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord … Continue reading

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In at the deep end

Preamble A week ago I announced the launch of 7explorers and waited, with my breath held and fingers crossed, to see if anyone was interested. The Oman 2017 expedition was sold out in just four days, in fact we had … Continue reading

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7explorers – an idea is born

Welcome to a new company with a mission. Please take a few moments to look at our simple web site. I want this post to be about YOU, not about 7explorers but first I must set the context by … Continue reading

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