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Is Britain going back to work?

I find myself working for the third consecutive weekend this month and it’s not making me happy. The first two weekends I worked on Sunday, preferring to run Park Run and spend time with Annie on the Saturday. As I … Continue reading

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The Frequency of Disruption

  Change isn’t the challenge – the pace of change is the challenge. Disruption used to be recorded in geological eras, by reference to the advancement of metalwork techniques, through agriculture into industry (with the occasional eruption, earthquake, plague or … Continue reading

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Back to a Future

In September 1970 I was due to attend at the offices of the Friends Provident & Century Group in central Manchester, ready to start my first full-time job as a junior clerk at £360 per annum salary. That month, the … Continue reading

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A sense of the waiting being over

When will it happen? That removal of the tumour that connects me to my former life? The deepest cut. Most of the time I’m too busy, professionally and personally, to think about it. It’s only in the last couple of … Continue reading

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