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Why we will all go back to work today

There have been two occasions in recent weeks on which I’ve woken early and arrived down in the kitchen to discover horror stories all over social media concerning events of the preceding evening. Thank goodness that this morning, as I … Continue reading

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President Lannister and other despots

You would think we know better in 2017. On one side of the world we have Kim Jong-un standing before the massed ranks of his army and press-ganged “supporters”, squealing delightedly as his armaments are paraded past. Koreans, both North … Continue reading

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Cupcakes and customer service

A guest post by Suzanne Stolberg Anyone who has heard Chris’s approach to not tolerating dental patients who are looking for the cheapest deal will be familiar with his fabulous script for not treating them. It’s a great business version … Continue reading

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You all know how much I love my taxi-driver stories because they demonstrate the triumph of the human spirit, of love and endeavour over hardship, one person at a time. I live in a community where nameless individuals think it’s … Continue reading

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The Eruv

Warning: if your religious sensibilities are easily upset, please don’t read this post. Trafford Council Planning Application Number 88955/FUL/16 Erection of supporting poles and linking wires associated with the creation of an Eruv (a continuous boundary designated in accordance with … Continue reading

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Who were the Brexit voters?

The result is the result and, depending on how you voted (or didn’t) the party poppers or spilt milk can now be cleared away – tomorrow is the first Monday back at work and, with or without a Prime Minister, … Continue reading

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Parker Palmer on the “examined life”

Book 19 minutes alone to watch this commencement address. Continue reading

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The Moral Compass

The week began with a cocaine-snorting, philandering Lord of the Realm, caught with his pants down and somebody else’s brassiere on. We heard continued stories of a Vicar who skipped from Court as he was found guilty of stealing Church … Continue reading

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