My Personal Brand Statement







Chris is a knowledgeable expert who offers practical business logic, relevant, effective, proven ideas and a serious depth of character.

An original, independent thinker, he is a non-conformist who continually seeks out new horizons to explore, challenges to resolve, boundaries to push, rules to break and odds to beat.

Direct and decisive, Chris reaches conclusions rapidly, with minimal information.

When he doesn’t immediately get productive, efficient results, he perseveres, testing new ideas and learning from his findings.

Chris’s ability to spontaneously innovate, strategize and analyze enables him to quickly resolve the most perplexing problems.

Strong willed, assertive and determined, Chris delights in fixing, rekindling and bringing things (and people) back to life.

An effective and efficient communicator, Chris keeps everyone on point by identifying clear goals and focusing on priorities.

Charismatic, energetic and dynamic, his counter-culture, “tough love” approach gives everything he presents a unique appeal.

A polished and entertaining speaker, his strong presence gives him exceptional control of the room.

Chris’s style is casual, open, authentic and adaptable.

A natural leader and big picture thinker, he is easy to speak with, delightfully warm, funny and caring, and his endless jokes and wicked Mancunian wit ensure that there’s never a dull moment.

He walks his talk better than most, by sharing both his strengths and vulnerabilities.

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