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To buy or not to buy?

It can often be a tough decision, especially your first purchase of another practice, sometimes after years of commercial solitude. The SWOT analysis above is a quick and easy way to evaluate the issues to be considered. Far too often, … Continue reading

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Filming, Fun and Far-flung Destinations

A hugely enjoyable time at Dental Focus yesterday, working with Krishan and the team on the creation of extensive video material for their future marketing. Main focus for CB, the “remake” of our original 2010 videos on “the 7 P’s … Continue reading

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You said…

There is something unsettling about being at the receiving end of: the dental patient who says “you said this treatment would work” the web developer client who says “you said this site would be ready by today” the coaching client … Continue reading

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6 minutes on marketing


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Cupcakes and customer service

A guest post by Suzanne Stolberg Anyone who has heard Chris’s approach to not tolerating dental patients who are looking for the cheapest deal will be familiar with his fabulous script for not treating them. It’s a great business version … Continue reading

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You all know how much I love my taxi-driver stories because they demonstrate the triumph of the human spirit, of love and endeavour over hardship, one person at a time. I live in a community where nameless individuals think it’s … Continue reading

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Going for Gold

I’ve already praised the Team GB coaches this week. Last night I listened to a brief interview with Jade Jones’s Taekwondo coach Paul Green after her semi-final win and on the road to her second gold in the early hours … Continue reading

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Attention and the business we are really in.

In an information-rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else : a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes. What information consumes is rather obvious : it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a … Continue reading

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Politics, Sport and Pride

Politics I’m apolitical 99.999% of the time and rarely tempted to comment unless there is a life-changing event such as Brexit or the possibility of a racist, mysogynist property developer with his finger on the trigger of the most powerful … Continue reading

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RAW from Florin Cofar

RAW from Florin Cofar on Vimeo. My thanks to my friend Dr. Razvan Savu for bringing this to my attention. I’m not qualified to comment on the dentistry but the digital workflow is fascinating. Enjoy for 3:54.

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