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The Commoditisation of Professionalism

A recent Facebook post that shared a recruitment advert from a micro-corporate, looking for young qualified dentists to join as salaried apprentices, generated a significant thread of comments. Those who took the trouble to express their views were equally divided … Continue reading

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Salty dog

  I want you to imagine your dental team attending a practice meeting on business planning. You are interested (after all, you have your skin in the game) and they are reluctantly dragged along. At least it’s a break from … Continue reading

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Running your own business. Relentless. That’s why, when young dentists approach me at conferences and courses and ask “I’ve been thinking about opening/buying my own practice – what do you think?” My answer is always – “don’t do it!” Why? … Continue reading

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Are business cards a relic of the past?

Are you old enough to remember the days when we kept a leather folder with transparent pockets to hold all of the same sized business cards that were handed to us by suppliers and patients/clients as well as our advisors? … Continue reading

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A guest post by Stephen Hudson

Sometimes you forget that you have a passion for things other than dentistry.  Waking up with that nagging thought that you haven’t had for over 15 years is a bit of a game changer, because you just KNOW you have … Continue reading

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I’m really into the concept of surrounding myself and my clients with EPIC people at the moment. Maybe it’s the dystopian political and footballing landscape to which we are rapidly becoming accustomed (will we regain our national mojo at the … Continue reading

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Clinical Photography – October 2016

Here’s a flyer for a good-looking course from my friends at Longborough Dental in Dorking, Surrey and presented by Dt. Koray Feran. Photocourse

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In the balance

I’ve participated in two informal (and unpaid) conversations in the last few weeks during which I have advised dental associates NOT to buy the practices that their Principals are thinking of selling. Equally, I’ve advised other Principals to take the … Continue reading

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The Sparkle returns

Around 4 years ago I wrote the following post: The Sparkle Sometimes there are people in your business who have that “sparkle”. The little something extra that makes them shine. I met two of them yesterday. One was an apprentice … Continue reading

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Resignation Special

The antimetabole: when the going gets tough, the tough get going (originally attributed to Joseph P Kennedy – JFK’s father) ….is intended to be interpreted as …. “When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will become engaged.” ….and not…. “Those … Continue reading

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