All day I’ve been watching suits.

Charcoal, black and blue.

With devices.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Everyone looks tired and lined and grey or blotchy red and just a tad overweight.

On their devices pictures of children, lovers, pets and places.

Covered in the chicken pox of icons.

A family is now a background.

The suit in front of me is carrying a box of Dunkin’ Donuts and chatting politically to his fellow traveller about portfolio risk management.

This morning the trains were late.

This evening its the planes.

Chain-store coffee is consumed by the gallon along with pre-dinner muffins and cakes.

“I’ll be late, what’s for supper.?”

Post, tweet, update, message, email, snap, photograph.

Keep a close eye on your in-box.

Don’t miss a thing or you may not be missed.

I reflect on the blessing of my work, my clients and my schedule.

I’m not in the financial machine, not clawing my way up through grades, don’t have to connect if I don’t want to, dress how I like and take time off the grid.

Say what I like, when I like, to whom I like.

I use devices, travel a lot, work long hours, absorb stress.

But I never feel like my surrounding fellow passengers look.

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