The time has come for a de-tox.

I returned from The Island with Bear Grylls on 3rd March and, having dropped 20% of my body weight, had plenty of inches to add back and a yearning desire to eat and drink just about anything.

There was a New York cheesecake period that fortunately only lasted a week or so but I’ve gradually returned to my pre-Paleo eating and drinking habits, using the excuse of extended business travel and a hectic routine.

My weight is back at the standard 11st 4lbs and Jon Barrow has challenged me to take part in a Tough Mudder with him later this year.

I need a mental break from “the 19th marathon” training (that will be 2015) but a target to aim at.

So – 1st June tomorrow.

Back on it – and a a kick-start to a summer of health, nutrition and fitness before we head for Tanzania in August.

As of tomorrow:

  • 21 days of no alcohol (followed by a wedding weekend with best friends in Devon)
  • thereafter alcohol on Friday/Saturday and special nights

and on a more permanent basis

  • no bread
  • no pasta
  • no rice
  • no potato
  • no dairy
  • lots and lots of colourful fruit and vegetables
  • plenty of meat, fish and fowl
  • vitamin supplements

I’m also going to try my very best to extend my morning runs and aim towards an hour a day, travel and work permitting.

Tonight, we have Rachel back from University for a couple of weeks and so Jon and I are threatening everyone with a night at Hale Kitchen.

The last time we were all there together was Boxing Day – that is madness and a reflection of just how full all of our lives are.

Tonight I’m going to eat and drink what I like.

On another note – The Island comes to an end on Monday evening and, if you haven’t heard, episode 5 starts at 21:00 and is followed by a BONUS Episode 6 that will feature extra events, behind the scenes footage and interviews that we all gave last week about “life since”.

Then, I guess The Islanders sink back into the mangrove mud of everyday life, changed forever by the experience.

I have loved every minute of it – including the last 4 weeks of people chatting with me about the show and asking for selfies!

One thing I will not miss – if another parent sends me a picture of their 13-year old Scouting son lighting a fire in 15 minutes – I’ll scream.

The Island will go down as one of the best experiences of my life – a huge privilege. 

There is a book inside me on the subject and I’m chatting to the production company about that.

For now – some work this morning, shopping for wedding clothes later and then a little family party ce soir.

Have a great weekend.

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