Off to Tanzania tomorrow evening.

A week of complete rest in Zanzibar.

A week on the shores of Lake Victoria with the Topley family (from where Mark sent me this photo at sunset last night – no doubt as a result of my last post here – thanks buddy).

I leave with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the good things in my life:

  • a good woman who “gets” me
  • amazing kids – all 5 of them
  • an eldest daughter who has fully recovered from a health scare
  • business partners who I can trust implicitly
  • a team at 7connections who are a privilege to work with
  • clients who are friends
  • a full order book
  • innovation and evolution in the business
  • many friends and followers in my personal, professional and volunteer community
  • the talents gifted to me
  • pretty good health in mind, body and spirit
  • the ability to appreciate when in beautiful places and with beautiful people
  • 2 books published
  • a bigger future
  • one of the most exciting years of my life in many ways

The next 12 months will carry huge challenges – some scary stuff.

Off the grid from tomorrow evening until 1st September.

I’m ready.

I’ve never felt better.

Thank you for a being a part of that.

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