The perennial problem of – Holidays!

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This subject comes around like a wet summer afternoon – every year without fail.

I’d be interested if my readers could comment with their own systems and protocols – to see if there is ANY brand standard to deal with the issue.

Good Afternoon Chris

I hope you are well!

XX asked me to see if you had any advice from the practices you are working with similar in staff numbers to ourselves on an issue we are having at the minute.

We have five nurses who tend to take all of their holidays at different times than the clinician they work with, meaning over staffing and extra cover being needed numerous times throughout the year.

Any advice would be of great help.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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3 Responses to The perennial problem of – Holidays!

  1. mrgrumpyuk says:

    From an employment law point of view – an employer is perfectly entitled to specify in a contract how and when holidays are to be taken. Changing an existing contract is, of course, another matter!


  2. Megan Hatfield says:

    I knew a married couple who ran a practice and closed it for their holidays (they didn’t have associates at the time). Staff got 6 weeks if they took same weeks as dentists, four weeks if they took different weeks. (I hope I’ve remembered that correctly)


  3. Neil Harris says:

    I pay the nurse a bonus per day for every day they take off when the dentist is off. They get a bonus and I don’t have to pay for a locum when they aren’t there. Simples!

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