You said…

Donna parla con lettere su sfondo bianco

There is something unsettling about being at the receiving end of:

  • the dental patient who says “you said this treatment would work”
  • the web developer client who says “you said this site would be ready by today”
  • the coaching client who says “you said you would make a huge difference to my business”
  • the digital marketing client who says “you said I would see a positive return on investment by now”
  • the employer who says “you said you would have nailed this job by this time”
  • the employee who says “you said you would give me a pay rise if I achieved this”
  • the parent who says “you said you would be back at midnight”
  • the train passenger who says “you said the wifi would work”

When the other person says “you said” you had better duck. Frequently, it’s already over.

Better still – be careful what you said.

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