So who coaches the coach?


I was asked this question yesterday:

who coaches you CB?

My initial response was reactive:

  1. I’ve worked with various amazing coaches over the years – Thomas Leonard, Dan Sullivan, Michael Gerber, Michael Myerscough, Marlene Panet-Raymond, Carole Gaskell;
  2. I’ve read books, watched videos, listened to podcasts, followed blogs – and still do;
  3. I have a few close friends, soulmates, to whom I can turn if I need to.

Then I descended into a very momentary zone of self-pity – “actually I don’t have a coach – there is nobody to support me – I have to sort out my own stuff – it’s a lonely life traveling around the country living in hotels.” (cue violin)

Later, the true answer to the question dawned on me.

I’m coached 7 days a week by the people with whom I surround myself:

  • the clients I work with
  • Team CB
  • my family
  • my friends
  • my professional colleagues in manufacturing, supply, services and education

Every day I am blessed by existing and new relationships, to observe their Highs and Lows and, whilst helping them to plot a course through their own lives, I’m able to reflect upon my own.

I’m actually getting more coaching than anyone else I know.

So if I know you – thank you.

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