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Which list?

A personal coaching exercise. Take 2 sheets of blank paper and a pen. write a list of the achievements, events and relationships in your life, past and present, that you are proud of; write a list of the failures and … Continue reading

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The Average Man

  Last week I jumped on the last one of numerous trains, for a short connecting ride between Stockport and Wilmslow (10 minutes) to get me home for the weekend. As I entered the carriage it was evident that somebody … Continue reading

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The Bike Sheds

  My penultimate year at school was 1968 – an era without mobile phones or the internet. In the breaks we congregated in the bike sheds at the back of Burnage Grammar School. We gossiped (along with the occasional Players … Continue reading

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Failure, fallibility and burn out

Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better by Pema Chödrön My rating: 5 of 5 stars I arrived home last Friday evening, completely burned out by October. A month which included two 6-day weeks (although my sympathy plea for that was quickly … Continue reading

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Having recently completed (and shared) my own 28-day Positive Focus I was chatting to a friend over the weekend who wanted some strategies to stop smoking. My suggestion was that he didn’t try to give up smoking per se – … Continue reading

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Parker Palmer on the “examined life”

Book 19 minutes alone to watch this commencement address. Continue reading

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What makes a hero?

There truly is a hero inside us all, waiting for that moment when destiny leads us to a decision to choose between right and wrong. There are moments when our integrity is tested to the limit. 80% of the time … Continue reading

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