Dashing into the future

My new iPhone 6s Plus has made my iPad Mini obsolete, along with the accompanying bluetooth keyboard, (Product) Red magnetic cover and Herschel carrying case (we do like to accessorise).

I’ve delayed the purchase of a new Macbook Pro until next Spring, when I hope the new models will be released.

I will have to add an expensive plethora of connections from the USB-C port to my existing external devices but it will be worth it to open a Space Grey clam case on the 06:12 Wilmslow to Euston.

observe my fellow commuters – I am hip, cool and don’t have to wear a suit or report to a boss

I don’t “get” the Apple Watch.

The Apple pencil for the iPad Pro is lovely but hardly innovative (I’m looking forward what Jonny Ive has to say though – “our pencilologists have spent years painstakingly designing the perfect ergonomic aesthetics”).

But all of that is soon to become overshadowed by wearable technology that will connect us to the IoT and each other in a way that changes the game.

Here is a first indication of what that sounds like.

Tomorrow has arrived.

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