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My first laptop

Random access memories……… The 250Mb hard drive. The black screen with flashing green cursor. The interminable wait whilst the darn thing powered up. My ignorance of what the letters GUI stood for? The collection of floppy disks. The upwardly-mobile financial … Continue reading

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Dashing into the future

My new iPhone 6s Plus has made my iPad Mini obsolete, along with the accompanying bluetooth keyboard, (Product) Red magnetic cover and Herschel carrying case (we do like to accessorise). I’ve delayed the purchase of a new Macbook Pro until … Continue reading

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My first bike

Following my self-inflicted enforced (and, hopefully, temporary) retirement from running, my two bikes have been restored to an acceptable level of road-worthiness after some years in mothballs. “Two bikes?” I hear you think. “Who does he think he is, a … Continue reading

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Do I really need an iPhone?

I’ve been thinking recently about what I actually use my iPhone for? Selfies – if you know me, you know that’s a big tick. Facebook – big tick. Emails – tick. Messaging – tick. FaceTime – tick. Google – tick. … Continue reading

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