Used to…..

Mouse inside a labyrinth wih dramatic lighting

Things I hear every week:

We used to…..

  • have daily huddles
  • hand out referral business cards
  • ask for word of mouth recommendations
  • send out a regular patient newsletter
  • advertise on the radio
  • have fun and regular team meetings before they sold the business

I used to…..

  • eat well
  • read books
  • play golf
  • go to the gym
  • spend time with the kids
  • drink less
  • enjoy the dentistry
  • spend a lot less time looking at notifications on my phone

Strange, isn’t it, how the “used to” list is almost always a list of things that are good for our business and for us?

In which case – what the hell are we doing with the time that the “used to” list has freed up?


As I recently commented to a friend who asked why Coach Barrow had gone solo again:

“I’ve decided that I want a lifestyle business – primarily because I want a lifestyle.”

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