A word or two about price lists


“Should we publish our price list?”

A question that continues to surface after all these years.

The answer is always a “yes”, whether you have a printed version or one visible on the web.

And the mantra for many years has been to quote your prices “from……..”, so as to accommodate the art of dentistry as well as the science.


There are two types of consumer:

  • those who are looking for your best price
  • those who are looking for the best experience

Many is the time we have discussed focusing on the second group only, unless you are a dental discount store.

My dental clients are offering the best experience.

So a question suddenly occurred to me in a client meeting yesterday:

Do you publish a copy of your experience list alongside your price list?

Imagine, if you will, a bullet point list of all the ways in which your patient experience is remarkable:

  • the experience of your clinicians
  • the choice of lab and materials
  • the quality of your team
  • the location, premises and standards of equipment
  • the pre and after sales experience
  • the guarantees on your work
  • your long-term care programme

I’m sure you get my drift.

Here’s a thought:

Potential new patient asks:

“Do you have a price list?”

You answer:

“Certainly we do Mr Barrow and I’m happy to share that with you. In reality, we find that some of those who contact us are shopping around for the best price and others are looking for the best experience so, if you’ll allow me, I’ll send you a copy of our price list AND a copy of our experience list, so that you can best compare both in the marketplace before you make your final decision.”

Just a thought.

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